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Hellenic Journal of Atherosclerosis



Postprandial activation of platelets as a possible mechanism for the development of
Α. Mikellidi, T. Nomikos

Faculty of Health Sciences and Education, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, Harokopio University, Athens, Greece

Key words: atherosclerosis; hyperglycemia; hyperlipidemia;oxidative stress; platelets; postprandial state

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in HIV-infected patients without viral hepatitis.
What can we do about their cardiovascular risk?
G. Sfikas, Chr. Boutari, K. Tassios, K. Kaitanidis, E. Mitsiou, V.G. Athyros

2nd Propedeutic Department of Internal Medicine,Medical School, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, “Hippocration” Hospital, Thessaloniki, Greece

Key words: HIV; NAFLD; NASH; morbidity; mortality; treatment

Original Articles

Transient hyperglycemia at admission and acute ischemic stroke severity and short-term outcome
K. Tziomalos, P. Dimitriou, S. D. Bouziana, M. Spanou, S. Kostaki, S. Angelopoulou,
M. Papadopoulou, V. Giampatzis, C. Savopoulos, A. I. Hatzitolios

First Propedeutic Department of Internal Medicine, Medical School, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, ̋AHEPA ̋ Hospital, Thessaloniki, Greece

Key words: ischemic stroke; outcome; stress hyperglycemia; type 2 diabetes mellitus

Platelet-derived microparticles bind to low-density lipoprotein (LDL) in human plasma and reduce
its susceptibility to oxidation
J. Mitsios, L. Tsironis, A. Dimitriou, A.Tselepis

Atherothrombosis Research Centre / Laboratory of Biochemistry, Department of Chemistry, University of Ioannina, 45110 Ioannina, Greece

Key words: atherosclerosis; LDL; oxidation; platelet-derived microparticles; PMPs


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Hellenic Journal of Atherosclerosis, V.7, Issue 1
Hellenic Journal of Atherosclerosis


The “Hellenic Journal of Atherosclerosis” is a peer-reviewed academic journal which publishes all sources papers concerned with research and investigation on atherosclerosis, its complications, and related diseases, including: Lipoprotein metabolism, arterial and vascular biology and disease, thrombosis, inflammation, disorders of lipid transport diabetes and hypertension as related to atherosclerosis, and cardiovascular risk factors. The editors are also interested in clinical papers dealing with case studies of specific or general interest, new or unusual lipid syndromes, and the genetic basis and familial incidence of atherosclerosis and related diseases. High quality reports of controlled clinical trials of drugs or diets will be considered provided the paper deals with the mechanism of action of the drug or diet.